Heidi Minx has a very diverse background and can handle internal, B2B, B2C, D2C and crisis communication projects. No component of marketing exists on its own, messaging must be consistent both on and offline.  MinxLive can create messaging and campaigns that work with all of your communications engines.

Here’s how she can help you:

California Cannabis Communications Compliance Audit: MAUCRSA has specific requirements regarding all communications that are “calculated to induce sales of cannabis or cannabis products.”  It also mandates that a licensee must provide age-verification data immediately upon request to the BCC, and that  advertising and marketing “shall only be displayed after a licensee has obtained reliable up-to-date audience composition data demonstrating that at least 71.6 percent of the audience viewing the advertising or marketing is reasonably expected to be 21 years of age or older.”  Minx can conduct an audit of your website, social media, and print collateral and work with your team so best practices are implemented moving forward.  This is a flat-fee service with a sliding scale rate for smaller license holders.  You can contact Minx to learn more.

Writing/Editing: Minx is a published author, trained in AP format.  She has written for License!, Licensing Book, Playboy, YRB, Inked, Huffington Post, MTV Norway, Shambhala Sun, Tattoo Revue, and AMP Magazine.  She can create compelling copy for websites, navigational messaging, newsletters, press releases, executive biographies, brochures, event alerts for media, and consistent messaging for your social media outlets.

Events: Minx has extensive experience developing and managing events including musical, international business conventions, trade shows, fundraisers, and conferences.

Creative Campaigns:  Minx has developed creative campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.  She is available to brainstorm with your team and design a campaign that enables your core needs.

Cause-Related Marketing: Minx has a passion for building bridges between corporations and causes.  Early in her career, she learned the importance, benefit, and necessity of these relationships.  Minx has extensive relationships with non-profits, venues, brands, and musicians and thrives on bringing them together.

Community Moderation: Minx is available to moderate, and develop topics for your online communities.  She has provided this service to social networking sites and has moderated her own community (a youth-targeted site that averages 4 million hits/month) for the past thirteen years.

Bands and Music: Minx has numerous personal ties within the music industry — with managers, labels, and the bands themselves.  She has organized product licensing deals, produced PSAs, and is also aware of which bands support social activism. She works with many bands that have been actively touring and producing albums for the long term, with extensive, dedicated fan bases.  If you are looking to bring music to your campaign, MinxLive can make it happen.