Pragmatic marketer, journalist, entrepreneur, designer, activist and personality Heidi Minx is a rare mix of street-credibility, social activism, creativity and business-building expertise. She was named one of BrandWeek’s Top 10 Next Generation Marketers of 2006 for her work with her own fully-licensed brand, Franky & Minx. She was a featured panelist at VNU Publications’ ‘What Teens Want Panel’ in New York, and was the first invitee to that conference’s respective Advisory Panel.

She is a published author, having completed also completed ‘Home Rockanomics – A DIY Guide to Style‘, based on her highly-successful message boards; the book was published and released by St. Martin’s Press in 2009.

Minx has diverse business knowledge, based on years of work with leading brands and companies ranging from Sears, Siemens Financial Services, Nextel, Legg Mason and 3M; to HBO, Playboy, Sportswear International, and Dominos.

An industry veteran, Minx has worked with PR firms and advertising agencies throughout the mid-Atlantic region – both in-house and as a freelancer. Her imprint has been recognized on a cross-section of accounts including legal, cannabis, financial, liquor, food, fashion, independent film, music, art, publishing, associations, licensed products, and beauty and trade shows, among others. Heidi has also led major online campaigns utilizing social media, and consulting for social media companies.

A firm believer in changing by doing, Minx founded her own charity, Built on Respect. Her documentation of the tattoos of former Tibetan political prisoners and refugees earned her a Fellowship with Rutgers University Center for Human Rights, Genocide and Conflict Resolution.

Minx contributes to lifestyle publications regularly with her own social responsibility-themed columns on Huffington Post Impact,, Care2, and Shambhala Sun amongst others. She also blogs for several nonprofits.

An avid traveler, Minx has lived and traveled throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. Currently based in Sonoma County, cannabis-related businesses make up the largest percentage of her clients. She has studied fine art, graphic art, art history, sociology, and cultural anthropology and enjoys studying Buddhism.